The unpredictable world of 13, Undecember
Gentle Monster collaborates with Ugo Bienvenu to illustrate a world in the 13th month, full of unpredictable and unexpected changes to the world as we know it. In this second chapter of the 13 story, the animations delve into themes surrounding the willingness to survive and prevail. Experience the thin line between the conscious and subconscious.

Animation Director: Ugo Bienvenu
Karaoke, the birth on the hillside
On a windy hill, a group of people are surrounding an unfamiliar altar. Blindly intoxicated by their own emotions, absorbed by the ceremony, they begin singing in premonition of the advent of a new beginning.
What are Angels made of
Racing towards the end of '13', people and humanoids sense a new life force spawning for the earth, and encounter an unexpected existence
Gravity of a Conch
In a world where the basic laws of nature, even gravity, begin to change, people are drawn to shells for the soothing sounds of the ocean, in desperate search for something constant and unchanging to ground them.