Cancel Order

Cancel Order

Please go to [My account > My Order > View Order Details] , select the reason for cancelling, and click the “Cancel Order” button.
Cancellations may only be requested before the “In Process” stage. Please note that cancellation is not possible once the order processing has begun and the “Cancel Order” button is no longer shown. Your only option at this point is to initiate a return.

For the Prescription order, cancellation is not possible when it is in the ‘Order Completed’ state. And Gentle Monster is unable to accept returns or exchanges for all prescription lenses and customized frames, with or without prescription services.

The exchange process during “Cancel Order” should be to cancel your item first and then repurchase your new item.

If you have further inquiries, please contact the Gentle Monster Customer Service team at

For any assistance outside of the United States and Canada, please visit: