Gentle Monster’s ‘13’ Campaign sets place in a world where the moon shifts out of place and axis, slowly floating away from Earth creating the 13th month, Undecember. Animals start to act differently and people develop a dependency on either religion or technology. The changes in climate spark a split between anxiety and hope. Gentle Monster illustrates a message of hope brought from the insight and imagination spawned from the new world.

3D Artist: Frederik Heyman
With the environmental changes spawned from the 13th month, herds of people accept the changes of the new world as their new reality, turning towards and becoming dependent on technology as a means for salvation. Adapting to the new environment, people long for new technology and inventions to help overcome the new environmental elements and try to adapt by connecting living organisms with machine with the hope to conquer their new reality.
With the 13th month, Earth lost its sense of anxiety or hope, leaving the human race to resort to its most basic instincts of survival.



People believing in the power and strength of collective groups join together on what is the only way of transportation in this lost world. Witness the confident thoughts of self-conscious displayed in “Collective behavior”.
Media Addiction
Media enables humans to expand their self-consciousness through technology, while virtual reality starts to erase the borders between what is real and artificial. Mankind is able to choose between different methods of hyper-modern communication methods by continuously connecting with others and finding freedom from within this technology. Eyes locked and hands entangled, experience the evolution of media.