Gentle Monster introduces its newest collection, ‘BOLD.’ From 2023 onwards, different themes portraying daring attempts will be launched annually as variations of the BOLD line.

The first BOLD collection, titled ‘Galaxy of 9 Evenings,’ emblazoned with stars and celestial bodies, epitomizes the intrepid, dauntless spirit of Gentle Monster.

Character Introduce

The collection story illustrates a serendipitous, transcendent phenomenon - the birth of a galaxy. This theme was inspired by the remarkable attempts made in the 1966 art project ‘9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering’ that blurred the boundaries between the realms of art and science.

  • R.E.A.T BLC6

    • Blue and purple hologram acetate frame
    • Grey tinted lenses
    • Aviator shape
    • The signature BOLD symbol on temples
  • Bandoneon. S PC5

    • Shimmery pink acetate frame
    • Violet mirror lenses
    • Oval shape
    • The signature BOLD symbol on temples
  • Antena 01

    • Black acetate frame
    • Black lenses
    • Rectangular shape
    • The signature BOLD symbol on temples
  • Sound Net WC6

    • Graduated shimmery white acetate frame
    • Brown-tinted lenses
    • Cat-eye shape
    • The signature BOLD symbol on temples

Collection Story

Scene #1

A group of adventurers exploring the origin of nine galaxies is invited to discover the location of a deeply asleep star after a long exploration and to the memory of the star.

Collection Story

Scene #2

Reminisce of the stars unfold radiantly in front of the adventurer. The adventurer begins his voyage by following the trail that the stars of the galaxy projected in the world.

Collection Story

Scene #3

The journey ends in the canyon of the galaxy. The explorer conquers the daring fear surging from the boundless energy, greeting with a transcendent moment.