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The Quantum Project presents a new evolution of commercial space by creating fast space that is redesigned every 25 days through collaborations with an extensive range of artists and brands.


Korea’s biggest, massive audiovisual festival Soundholic 2014 ‘EXIT’. For this event, 999 sets of limited edition sunglasses were designed in collaboration with Gentle Monster, releasing a creative energy combined with music and design. Vividly colorful aesthetics, lively energy of light integrated into a stylish and dynamic performance is Gentle Monster’s attempt to take on new challenges and inspirations as it constantly aspires to be innovative, creative and trendy. To turn up the heat and fun in the splash season of June, 100 teams of artists and three unique stage concepts unfold a powerful and dazzling experience. Participating artists include Korea’s leading singers and bands, Jaurim, Spring Summer Fall Winter, Crying Nut, Kiha and the Faces, Nobrain, Cultwo, Noizegarden, Clazziquai, Daybreak, Lee Sangeun, Urban Zakapa and Rose Motel.