Repair Service Information

Please read over the information below to ensure quality service.

Service Information 토글

Come visit our Personal Product Service Center located at the basement level at our Sinsa Flagship Store for a personalized appointment. Choose from our list of services that we offer from this location.

  • Please carefully read through below terms and limitations before scheduling an appointment.
  • -To ensure the highest quality of service and experience, we require appointments for all services.
  • -Make an appointment up to three days before the date you wish to visit us.
  • -Gentle Monster can only provide services for authentic Gentle Monster products and may require an authenticity card for verification.
  • -You can make one appointment for each day, and request service for up to two items for each visit.
Service Details 토글

A. Repair Service

  • Parts with irreversible damage can be repaired through repair parts
  • -Major Parts : Front / Temples / Lens can be replaced with a replacement parts.
  • -Minor Parts : Logos / Nose pads / Screws / Temple tips can be replaced with a replacement parts.
  • * Services may be limited for discontinued models and are subject to spare part availability.

B. Product Care Service

  • Products that have been owned for some time can still look new with the help of our service.
  • -Adjustments : Products can be custom fitted to your face, or be adjusted back to its original form.
  • -Polishing : Acetate products with surface damages or discoloration can be polished and can be restored.

C. Replacement Rental Service

  • Products that need plating, coating, and welding need to be transferred to HQ in order to complete the repair.
  • To minimize your inconvenience, you can choose to use a rental pair while you wait for your repair.
  • * Rental Services may be limited in quantity and are subject to availability.

For further assistance, please contact us at:

Personal Product Service Appointment

We will be temporarily pausing our in-store product service from March 26th to April 9th while we renovate our store.
We hope to see you soon.

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The product name can be checked in two ways.

1. Authenticity Card : Please check the name on the “ITEM” line. 2. Product : Hold the product as if you are about to wear it. There will be a gold engraving on the left temple (leg).

* We need to know what product and services you need to ensure immediate service. If you are unable to locate the product name, please provide us with a picture of your product.

Authenticity Card

- Please bring your Authenticity Card when visiting us.

- Services may be limited if you do not bring the valid Authenticity card.

Describe the condition of your product or the repair you wish to receive on your product.

Please get in touch with any questions or commentsand we'll be happy to help.