Episode IV / Dystopia

With two feet, we stand in reality. With two fingers, we tap into the virtual world.
Where do we exist in this world, at this moment in time?
We struggle to exist in a society where the media endlessly inflates our ego and validates our sense of identity. At almost every possible instance, we encounter ourselves without rationality, without face, and without self, ultimately leaving us in a state of disillusionment.
In collaboration with Berlin-based performer MM, Gentle Monster presents, “DYSTOPIA.” Situated amongst cameras and screens, our main character finds himself confronted with multiple reflections of his ego. Like all humans, he seeks validation from different forms of media and can never satisfy himself with just one.

Performer: MM
Director: HOBIN
A.D: Lee Jinhyuk
Art Team: 3846 Hani
Music: Joon Park
Cinematographer: Hong Seounghun
Seond: Camera Bang Jaeyeop
Styling: Adonisproject
Hair: Ozikc
Makeup: O.S.S