‘HAUS 0 10 10 10 1’ symbolizes Gentle Monster’s new direction on Future Retail. ‘01’ is a quantum mechanical concept that represents a direction towards the fu-ture;
‘HAUS’ signifies the gathering place of multiple brands that constitute Future Re-tail.
Following HAUS DOSAN, the newly opened HAUS SHANGHAI will present Gen-tle Monster and its singular worldview, along with tamburins, a fragrance brand that ardently explores scents, and Nudake, a dessert brand that embodies new fantasies.
Address: 798-812, Mid-HuaiHai Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai
Open Hours: MON-SUN 10am-10pm
HAUS SHANGHAI’S 1st Floor features Nudake with the slogan, “MAKE NEW FANTASY! DESSERT OF YOUR DREAMS,” presenting artistic and unprecedented desserts. SHANG-HAI’s signature robot, the ‘PROBE,’ roams the main area next to horse-shaped kinetic art installations, capturing Nudake’s spirit of experimentation and fantasy. In addition, various forms of collaged media art and aesthetic furniture provide a distinct F&B ex-perience.
HAUS SHANGHAI’s 2nd Floor houses the world’s largest Gentle Monster store. Tenacious yet pliant structures cut through the center, forcing unexpected flow of traf-fic inside the space. Defying the traditional layout of commercial space that prioritize efficiency and function, Gentle Monster exemplifies its new perspective on Future Re-tail. Themed ‘Circulation,’ various installations and artwork fill the 2nd Floor, and the exhibi-tions at the ends of the floor provide both visual and auditory stimulation, demon-strating the brand’s experimental spirit by infusing strange tension and rhythm into the space.
HAUS SHANGHAI’s 3rd Floor presents a large exhibition space featuring Gentle Monster’s curated media art exhibitions and collaboration pop-ups. At the center of the floor, themed ‘The Giant Who Arrived at the Bird Village,’ lies ‘The Giant,’ a robotic face created by Gentle Monster’s Robotics Lab after a year of research, alongside sculptures and installations depicting the Bird Village.
Behind ‘The Giant’ is an LED wall surrounded space presenting an interactive media art exhibition, ‘Error in the Beat.’ Dancers who appear on the screen follow the audi-ence around and visually change forms as the audience gets closer to the screen. The audience creates new artwork with their own movement as they actively participate in interacting with the digital dancers.
HAUS SHANGHAI’s 4th Floor is China’s first TAMBURINS Flagship store. The Shanghai store, expressing elegance and individuality through the delicate balance of spatial el-ements, captures TAMBURINS’s artistic vision. ‘TWIG,’ a wall art installation covered in tree branches, expresses the intersection of luxury and rawness through the combina-tion of contrasting materials, allowing visitors to experience the unique feelings TAM-BURINS strives to elicit.