Repair Service Request

Gentle Monster offers worldwide repair services for genuine products through our website as well as our flagship stores.

• Store Locations: Repair requests made through any Gentle Monster location (Flagship stores, mall locations).
• Online : Repair requests made through mail shipment (Request Repair)
Products must only be shipped after submitting a request online and Product Service team will contact you with more information regarding the repair.

For Repair service request please feel free to contact our Online Customer Service
– WhatsApp on Tel. +971 56 682 5100 Or Email us at -
Repair Period
Repairs are processed in the order they are received, and completion times may vary depending on the type and location of repair.

- Gentle Monster HQ : 10-15 business days based on HQ working days
- Contracted Partner Facilities : 25-30 business days based on HQ working days

* Dates exclude weekends and holidays
Repair Cost
The repair cost is determined based on the type of repair, and the exact cost will be decided after a thorough inspection of the actual product.
If Product Service warranty period (24 months from the date of purchase) has expired, service may not be applicable depending on the product's condition.
  1. Parts Replacement by HQ
    • 1) 20% of the retail price is charged.
    • 2) If some part is missing, the cost for the missing part will be added to the charge.
    • 3) Our consumable parts replacement service is provided free of charge. However, if the consumable parts is out of stock, the replacement service may be limited.

  2. Restoration by Contracted Partner Facilities
    • 1) If the product cannot be repaired through part replacement and requires restoration, costs will be determined based on the product's condition.
      *repairs by partner may be limited depending on the product design and materials.

  3. Product care
    • 1) Polishing, cleaning, and adjustment services are provided free of charge.
Payment Method
1) PAYPAL link will be sent in USD after receiving.
2) Payment with credit or debit cards is available even if you don't have a PAYPAL account.
Product Service Warranty
GENTLE MONSTER guarantees repair and care service for 24 months from the original purchase date.

Even within the warranty period, charges may apply, and we offer best solutions to resolve any product issues that may arise during use.

You can request product service after the warranty period has expired, but certain services may be limited depending on the product condition.
GENTLE MONSTER guarantees warranty period for 24 months from the original purchase date.

The warranty period covers any manufacturing defects or issues with the product. To apply the warranty, Product Service Team may need to verify the defect through a process.

The warranty may not be applicable if the purchase documentation provided at the time of purchase, such as the Authenticity Certificate Card or purchase receipt, cannot be verified.

If you have any inquiries of warranty, please feel free to contact Product Service Team.