Haus Dosan 360° Tour
Gentle Monster presents the beginning of future retail, the HAUS concept. Haus incorporates the experiential creativity and vision for retail of Gentle Monster, while encompassing sensual artisan cosmetic brand Tamburins and fantasy-inspired dessert brand Nudake. HAUS DOSAN marks the beginning of the HAUS concept, combining the three brands into one experience, Gentle Monster plans to launch an expanded journey through HAUS SHANGHAI, where fans and visitors will get an opportunity to experience various test concepts and content within its walls.
50, Apgujeong-ro 46-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea⠀
Opening hour: 11:00-21:00
HAUS DOSAN sets the precedent in Gentle Monster’s history as the first project, titled UNOPENED: FUTURE. Upon entering, the space focuses on conveying new emotions by eliminating the typical functions and features expected from a standard retail store.

The center of the floor showcases a multi-floor 3D installation designed in collaboration with Frederik Heyman. Created specifically for HAUS DOSAN, this signature piece exhibiting unusual combinations embodies Gentle Monster’s unbound creativity.
The Gentle Monster store inside HAUS DOSAN experiments with separating glasses and sunglasses and viewing the nature of each with different emotions. By carefully analyzing the characteristics of the two, the 2nd floor is dedicated to glasses and the 3rd floor to sunglasses. The ambiance and concept of each level are juxtaposed while they come together to present the retail experience that only Gentle Monster can offer.

Designed with the keywords of ‘minimalism’ and ‘restraint’, the 2nd floor features only Gentle Monster glasses. The moving mixed media art installation located in the center of the space, created by London and Berlin based artist Jonas Lindstroem, ‘TRUTH OR DARE’ instills tension and rhythm into the refined space.
Gentle Monster
The unpredictable 3rd floor is composed of mixed scenes from the future and the past with THE PROBE, a six-legged robot created and developed in the past year by the Robotics Lab at Gentle Monster. With a gigantic body and delicate shell, this mechanical creature named THE PROBE exemplifies the theme of HAUS DOSAN, embodying the brand’s unbound spirit to constantly challenge and push the norms.
Gentle Monster
Tamburins’ second flagship store, located on the 4th floor of HAUS DOSAN, is created with a sense of delicate balance to express sophistication and special sentiments throughout the space, demonstrating the start of the future of Tamburins.

Inspired by ‘nature’, this flagship store emphasizes beauty of blank space by focusing on setting the mood in simply white, black, and sunshine. The space also radiates a layer of grandeur filled with artworks by Chulan Kwak, Mercedes Vicente, and Casper Kang. Last but not least, drawing inspiration from ‘reeds’ blowing in the wind, the kinetic sculptures made in-house exemplifies the ‘elegance and specialness’ that makes Tamburins distinct.
On B1F of HAUS DOSAN locates NUDAKE’s first flagship store in Korea. “TASTE OF MEDITATION” is the theme of this floor with the overall moderated mood and spaciousness and enables the visitors to focus on the sense of taste. The long table crossing the room through the center greets the visitors upon entering. On the table there is an array of desserts that redefine pastry which provokes all five senses.

The media installation in the center was created as a collaborative artwork with Italian visual artist ANDREA ARTEMISIO to show the repetitive motion of consuming food and the emotions behind the action in a whimsical manner.
Starting with HAUS DOSAN, Gentle Monster will continue to present its unique paradigm once more at a larger scale and with a new concept of HAUS in Shanghai, China.