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An interview with BLACKPINK JENNIE
Jentle Home, the fantasy world dreamt in collaboration with Jennie of BLACKPINK. Learn more about Jennie’s influence in the creative process and creation of Jentle Home.
Jentle Home was inspired by doll houses – do you have any particular memories?
Jentle Home is just like what I dreamt of as a young girl! I remember playing with my dolls, and I would have lots of brothers and sisters, and all the pets I could imagine in my imaginary world. I would give names to my new family and choose rooms for them inside my beautiful doll house.
What does ‘home’ mean to you?
I love relaxing at home. When I’m on tour or in other countries, I would sometimes close my eyes, wishing that when I open them again, I would be back home. Home is where I can be 100% myself, a place I can truly be at peace.
How do you spend your time at home?
I usually try to spend time with my family, eating lots of good food and spending quality time with Kuma and Kai! Family and friends really help me relax and recharge. I’m also catching up on Netflix too!
Can you tell us more about Jentle Home pop-up?
Jentle Home is a place straight out of a fairy tale. I was excited about working on this collaboration, but I looked forward to working on the pop-up the most. I partnered with Gentle Monster early on for the pop-up, and I think it turned out perfect! I spent the most time on the Pink Fountain Room – I wanted a dressing Room that would transition into a dreamland with a garden and lots of teddy bears. It was first called the Secret room, but we decided to focus more on the room’s character and ultimately changed the name. I really hope you can all come to experience it!
How was your experience working with Hugo Comte?
The shoot in London was so fun. I was excited to work with Hugo because I was already familiar with his work. Hugo and Gentle Monster’s concept of the clones was so unique I couldn’t wait to see the results. I think they came out amazing and I’m so happy everyone else loved it as well!
Do you have any BTS episodes with Hugo?
We weren’t able to bring in real clones... so we had to plan every angle and pose so the photos could perfectly come together into one. This was a challenge for Hugo since he had to constantly adjust the lighting and angles. It was a long and intense session, but Hugo was absolutely amazing, and I had a great time.
How were the products named?
This collaboration is definitely a project I’ll cherish and remember for a long time because I wanted to make sure that I was deeply involved to create something memorable. I wanted to come up with names that had special meanings to me for each product, and naturally, Kuku had to be a part of it. I hope that the names will stand out for everyone to know and realise that they are a part of me.
Choose a personal favorite from this collaboration — and how would you style it?
Daisy has a nostalgic meaning to me since it looks a lot like the frames my parents used to wear when I was young. Style Daisy with either the Sunlight or Moonlight, along with some vintage accessories, and I’m ready to go!
Do you have any future plans with Gentle Monster?
There is so much I’m curious about and wanted to do! Knowing Gentle Monster and their ability to build dreams, it’s impossible to set any limits. I believe that experience is among the few that truly grows your mind and spirit. I hope these projects help to inspire me as a musician, and I also hope I can be some inspiration for others to go seek new things as well!