Chengdu, China
Unit 1213, Buliding No.12, TaiKooLi, 8 Middle Shamao St, Jinjiang Qu,
Chengdu, China

Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday. 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Gentle Monster's Chengdu flagship store, THE WARPED MOMENTS, curates of a story about finding the genuine orders of the world where the flow of time have been disrupted.

The space consists of 2 floors, where the visitors face three types of clocks that were constructed to represent regularity and consistency. Starting with the clock that analyzes the <present> with its myriad of branches rotating and intersecting each other, then with the clock that reads the “preceded past” and the clock which delivers the electric wave to the <future that becomes the present>, the viewer will be immersed in the process of finding the routine of time. At this new space, the customer will follow the elaborate process of an attempt to return the rule of time.