Ep 031
Ep 031
Ep 031
Ep 031
Ep 031
Blue Light Protection

Ep 031

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Discover the EP 031 glasses from the BOLD Collection, enriched with audacious and daring designs from Gentle Monster. Featuring a round shape drawn with soft curves in a gold color, this piece conveys a sense of delicacy. Showcasing a powerful identity, the BOLD symbol on the temples, nose pads, and tips creates the audacious narrative that imbues this collection. The temples are made from titanium, which is lightweight and provides a comfortable fit. The clear lenses block blue light and 99.9% of UV rays.
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[Notice] Due to Lunar New year , all orders placed after 10am on Wednesday, February 10th (GMT+9) will be shipped in the order it was received on the following Monday, February 15th. Thank you for your understanding and patience in advance.

골드 색상 메탈 프레임클리어 렌즈라운드 쉐입템플 부분 BOLD 컬렉션 시그니처 심볼 장식블루라이트 차단 렌즈프레임 정면: 144.4mm, 템플 길이: 146.7mm
렌즈 가로: 49.1mm, 렌즈 높이: 44.5mm
브릿지: 22mm

제조자 및 수입자: IICOMBINED CO., LTD. 제조국명: China
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