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BAT Project

“Comic Book, The Red”, is an experimental space curating the ‘ninth art form’, sequential art Sequential art, or comics are able to fuse elements from motion pictures, literature, and painting, to form a new high-end genre of communication, while breaking boundaries between experimental ideation and pop culture. “Comic Book, The Red” engages visitors through a new holistic experience, all of which surrounding one of the most popular forms of art, comics ... More

A crop field experience in the heart of busy Seoul, GENTLE MONSTER starts the BAT journey with a friendly cafe situated above of a inviting urban corn field ... More

Quantum Project

Gentle Monster’s experimental space project, Quantum, where ‘change’ exceeds expectations, ends its journey with 36 projects over 29 months First started in 2014, October 2016 will mark the 36th and final experience of the fusion between art, technology, space, and performance. Gentle Monster’s ambitions towards new experience and new fusions does not end with Quantum, but will open a new chapter in the evolution of the brand ... More
Quantum number 35th, “Birthday Cake” is an story-based installation art. The space expresses the reminiscing moment of the protagonist’s childhood memories The space that depicts a child’s birthday starts out with a red refrigerator filled with colorful cakes. The mischievous child's messy room and the neatly cleaned adult’s room is subtly mixed to illustrate the collision of past and present memories ... More
Quantum number 34th “Flying Jam” is an experimental bakery. Visitors can eat the freshly toasted breads from the mini bakery bar Geometric furniture and the beautifully patterned acetate material of the floor blends in with the purple blueberry jam. In the back of the showroom sliced breads are hanging on the wall. The cannon shoots the purple jam on the the breads, creating a surprising scenery ... More
33rd Quantum project “Daydream Oasis” is a surreal pool. Like the dream of escaping from the hot summer days, a surreal pool has opened to become the oasis for our typical mundane lives The unusual looks of the emboss exterior pool to swaying silver fabrics and shinny pom trees forms the surreal atmosphere of the space. Visitors drink a glass of cocktail and escape from their everyday lives and jump into the world of their own dream oasis ... More
32nd Quantum project “Sewing Twins” is an atelier of the Twin sisters. The Siamese twin sisters suffered a severe trauma during their childhood after being hurt by thorns Inside the atelier there are designed clothes, moving sewing machines, and shirts hanging on the ceiling. At the end of the labyrinth of fabric walls there is a video clip that presents the full story of the strange twins ... More
Quantum 31st “The Eaters” is an art installation that portrays an obscure dinner table When you pass the huge noodle curtains, visitors witness a table of voracious eaters that constantly move their jaws up and down. Meanwhile on the other side, voyeur audiences are watching them as they eat. In this bar the desire of gluttony and voyeurism collides, creating a very strange scenery. Where peeping into other lives becomes an entertainment, visitors experience being an observer and the strangers themselves ... More
Quantum Project 30th “Move Out” and the Hongdae Flagship store renewal project on the 2nd and 3rd floor opens together. “Move Out” is the main theme of all three floors Each floor has its own sub-theme The 1st floor “Floating House” is a house installation hanging on the ceiling. The house is repeatedly separated and attached back together. And the kinetic shoes moves as if they are setting off to somewhere unknown. The 2nd floor “Garden Room” is a space filled with plants, which leads up to the 3rd floor the “Moving Memories” where furniture and all sorts of objects holds the trace of time. Inside a place where the stories of the remaining and leaving collides, visitors experience the fantasy of becoming a traveler and a wanderer ... More
Quantum 29th “Blooming Post Office” is an experimental garden post office. In a digital age where analog sensibility is gradually being forgotten, Gentle Monster presents a new concept of post office Inside the greenhouse thousands of Hyacinths are ready to bloom. Like the blooming flowers that delivers the beginning of spring, this garden post office expresses a space that is waiting to deliver new messages to other people. The kinetic installation is stamping on the unknown packages on each table. And there is a booth where visitors can actually write letters on an old typewriter. In this blooming post office visitors can bring back their analog spirit of writing letters with our hearts ... More
Quantum 28th “Dreamer’s Hotel” is an experimental urban hotel. The purpose of this new conceptual hotel is to provide visitors a temporary relaxing place The hotel suggests a new meaning of “taking a nap” in a public space. The curtain is a kinetic installation that intrigues nearby pedestrians’ curiosities. Inside, the ceiling is filled with dreamy white feathers. Hammocks are installed in each room, where visitors can take a short nap and listen to meditative music. The Dreamer’s Hotel is a personal space and at the same time an open installation exhibition. Visitors will experience a traveler’s fantasy in this unseen temporary hotel ... More
Quantum 27 “Breathing Cactus” is an art installation that uses the air movement. Air balloons that are vertically hanging on the ceiling shrink and expand repeatedly as they breath in and out Ironically, the soft balloons are in the shape of cactuses with sharp spines. Also the plastic sheets are like smooth skin that cover up the walls of the space. The change of air flow creates a flexible landscape and turns the space into a living and breathing art installation ... More
Quantum number 26, “Beating Beats” is an art installation that combines sound and movements of the space. Inside the space covered with orange fringes, 40 tambourines and 6 hand drums make sounds by the beats At the back side of the fabric space the performance video is projected on the wall. Dancers are camouflaged inside the space then suddenly move as if the space itself comes to life. The performers express the extension of the body and space by their unique movements ... More
Quantum number 25, “Lights in Heaven” is an illuminating space with a prism sculpture inside a mirror room When you pass the silver bells hanging from above, the large installation made up of hundreds of prism blocks overwhelms the audience. Inside the room the waves of lights move interactive with the body movements. The piles of salt on the floor and the crystal-shaped objects are reflected on both sides of the mirrored walls, creating an infinite space of echoing lights. In this luminous and beautiful exhibition you will experience becoming a part of the installation itself ... More
Quantum number 24, “Memory Field” illustrates a dreamy landscape of reed fields with alluring lights that surround the ambiance Bringing elements of real nature into the art space, the exhibition breaks the boundaries of real world and fantasy. As the flow of light changes by time, you will feel completely immersed with the space, standing among the field of dreams and lost memories. And as you walk towards the surreal mirror well you will find a reflection of your true self. In this exhibition we invite you to the world of nostalgic memories and lost imaginations ... More
Quantum number 23, “The Rain”, connects a typewriter, statue, motorcycle, and other very random objects together in the form of one unique art piece The motorcycle above the dark red aquarium illustrates an image, very different from conventional painting. The dynamic colors along with the ambient sounds of urban living, create dark but humorous environment with a slightly grotesque visual illusion ... More
Step into 22nd Quantum project “Off Road Rally”. Inspired by the dynamic energy of off road racing, and built around a concept car developed by GENTLE MONSTER and IN TO MADE, overall environment of digital media group SILO lab captures the tension and authenticity through lighting and media effects. A 4D simulator transports people on to a rally car racing down rough unpaved roads, providing the extreme and dynamic experience of off road driving. All while 4 slot cars racing through intense fog covering the 48m long Carrera track add to the authentic ambiance, with screens broadcasting their every move ... More
“WORK IN PROGRESS” is the new upcoming 21st Quantum Project of GENTLE MONSTER in 2015 It’s a pop-up store featuring an optical collection line. The ‘CONSTRUCTION’ of the project revolves around movement. The materials that were used for the exhibition are acetate, titanium, and metallic material. Gentle Monster intends to incorporate the materials for various optical designs ... More
THE MALFUNCTION, the 20th QUANTUM Project, is a robot play implemented by two robots, reflecting the vision of media artists teamVOID regarding AI(Artificial Intelligence) Through ‘malfunction’, mechanical systems find their own uniqueness and become a singular object. The teamVOID imagines this singularity to be the most natural form of artificial intelligence. In an enjoyable one-act play, teamVOID expresses the conflict and harmony of two robots – one that has acknowledged itself through an accidental malfunctioning, and the other that must perform the original duties of a robot–ultimately suggesting a new perspective upon system malfunctioning ... More
The 19th Quantum Project “MOP AND BUCKET” is a combination of water and different technologies, with materials from everyday life, Seven being the installation of a structure consisting of an artificial waterfall First started in 2014, October 2016 will mark the 36th and final experience of the fusion between art, technology, space, and performance. Gentle Monster’s ambitions towards new experience and new fusions does not end with Quantum, but will open a new chapter in the evolution of the brand ... More
18th Quantum Project “THE TABLE” has unveiled a long table stretched down movement of the brilliant lights First started in 2014, October 2016 will mark the 36th and final experience of the fusion between art, technology, space, and performance. Gentle Monster’s ambitions towards new experience and new fusions does not end with Quantum, but will open a new chapter in the evolution of the brand ... More
The Seventeenth Quantum project, “Smash Pong” is inviting you to the ping-pong court where you will find nothing but color and cheer Unique patterns form the ping-pong table, while the orange ball travels through the air making noises to take you out of what you would normally expect from the game. Located in the corner of the space. and oversized racket and machine throwing the balls creates a fun rhythm for the entire experience. This brand new version of the ping-pong court is an innovative and exciting, taking you to other possibilities of what to expect ... More
A merry-go-round depicts the nostalgia and novelty of childhood, nestled in the back of our mind The main stage, surrounded by remains of a broken sculpture, is spinning around and around creating a truly surreal vibe: Candies are overflowing in the objects at the ring of the merry-go-round, presenting you with sweet amusement ... More
Above the white cobblestones, an unorthodox jungle gym has been transformed into a playground for the succulent plants to hang Among winter flowers and tropical trees, the air plants (which survive by absorbing the nutrients in the air), plays the signature role in the show. Created by florist Sohee Park from Elle Travaille Floral Atelier, she presents the early spring fling to all visitors. On March 1st from 7pm-10pm, the show’s final day, a market will be open for the 25 day old flowers. Don’t miss your opportunity to observe and purchase these beautiful, overgrown plants in full bloom ... More
Quantum Porjects' fourteenth exhibition 'Encounter' collaborated with a design group NEN proposes a new kind of interactive installation art Interaction between the audiance and thousands of connected objects hanging in the space displays fun motions and kinetic energy visually well. The installation composed of various medias and active involvements brings an enlightening experience ... More
Quantum Project’s 13th exhibition, “OFF”, the last project of this year, uses the shape of a greenhouse to bring warmth and shelter us from the cold air and ash colored street of winter The polygonal structure of the greenhouse is lined with white fabric and filled with warm lights. As visitors walk through the structure, they realize the massive scale of man-made nature in the center. Through this installation the artist hopes the experience at the greenhouse will help visitors to take their mind “OFF” of their worries for a momen ... More
Quantum Project’s eleventh exhibition, “IN BETWEEN,” was a collaboration with artist, Alice Jung. It expresses the idea of 會者定離 去者必返: What Goes around, Comes around. Jung uses lots of colors and light to show the interaction between people Through this she portrays feelings of doubt and isolation that she feels as a result of being outside of her country for so long ... More
Quantum Project’s eleventh exhibition “VISIT”, displayed how Gentle Monster makes handmade glasses. The customers were joining in the design process The “VISIT”, is divided in Design Visit and Story Visit, which is under the more than new slogan; first, “Design Visit” is the part, in which selected customers made their own design and “Story Visit” covered the reason why they wanted to make their own design glasses. The show also demonstrated how gentle monster creates the glasses using over 61 processes ... More
Quantum Project’s tenth exhibition, “BEFORE SUNSET”, is part installation art and part dance performance. “It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” - Philosopher, Bern Williams The installation illustrates a sunset, made of 220 LED light-bulbs, over a kinetic city in the center. Once the dance starts, the performance will transport you to a dreamlike state ... More
Ninth Quantum Project “Coral Wave” is an installation art which visualize enormous coral object in the center and waves covering space around it Lights reflected by prism and huge structure which undermines space presents fantastic environment by scattering lights around the area ... More
Quantum Project’s eighth exhibition, ‘Fly Away Home’, in collaboration with artist Roe Dongsik, is a piece of installation art that portrays an incredible image of the sky painted in different colors The main material used in this artwork is cotton for creating the fluffy clouds. This is topped off with trendy beats and lighting designed by interactive digital media design group ‘Silo Lab’, drawing visitors into a dreamy illusion ... More
Quantum Project’s seventh exhibition was set up by Joh in the form of a pop-up store for footwear brand ‘Walk & Rest’ In a space where artwork and video art seem to go against gravity, everyday surroundings are expressed through rock, concrete, asphalt and wood. Along with this display of art, visitors can freely look around and try on the season’s new line-up that offers various colors under Walk & Rest’s theme of “new material, hidden science and experience.” ... More
Quantum Project’s sixth exhibition brings together water and technology, presenting visitors with a dynamic exhibition that leaves a strong and mystical impression unlike anything traditionally expected This artificial rain in the urban center enables visitors to experience the beauty of nature created by technology, while also arousing curiosity toward the paradoxical relationship between artificiality and nature ... More
Quantaum Project’s fifth exhibition “Wonder” is a form of installation art that one thousand dried statice flowers surrounding a space with mirrors that create an illusion of an infinite room The symbolization of the statice flower delivers wonder and fun to the audience as well ... More
Quantum Project’s fourth exhibition ‘Between Calm and Passion’ introduces Dutch Lab, a brand that consists of baristas and designers focused on the concept of Dutch coffee makers Using paper, the display employs truss structure and tower architecture to present a work that is more like gothic art than a simple Dutch coffee machine. Dutch coffee, brewed with heated pressure and cold water, also delivers the message, ‘between calm and passion’, which well-describes the perfect balance demonstrated by Dutch Lab ... More
Korea’s biggest, massive audiovisual festival Soundholic 2014 ‘EXIT’. For this event, 999 sets of limited edition sunglasses were designed in collaboration with Gentle Monster, releasing a creative energy combined with music and design Vividly colorful aesthetics, lively energy of light integrated into a stylish and dynamic performance is Gentle Monster’s attempt to take on new challenges and inspirations as it constantly aspires to be innovative, creative and trendy. To turn up the heat and fun in the splash season of June, 100 teams of artists and three unique stage concepts unfold a powerful and dazzling experience. Participating artists include Korea’s leading singers and bands, Jaurim, Spring Summer Fall Winter, Crying Nut, Kiha and the Faces, Nobrain, Cultwo, Noizegarden, Clazziquai, Daybreak, Lee Sangeun, Urban Zakapa and Rose Motel ... More
Quantum Project’s second exhibition, put together with interactive media design group Silo Lab, engages in various concepts of visual installation art involving lighting, laser beams, VJing, projection mapping, and physical computing technology The performances, in collaboration with several musicians, create a mesmerizing act that combines sound, media and light. The team’s aspiration is to design and bring to the audience a delightful experience through interactive means and digital media set up in the exhibited space ... More
To mark the opening of Gentle Monster’s second showroom, Quantum Project’s first exhibition was organized in collaboration with its sister brand, Blank Desert A sea of sand forms a desolate desert without the slightest sign of life, and Blank Desert is grounded in the way the desert essentially follows a cycle of creation and demise. This exhibition uniquely expresses the vivid colors of Blank Desert, placed in the settings of nature that has swallowed up an entire city ... More